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Tom Jerry Game

Tom Jerry Game

Game Name: Tom Jerry Game

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Tom Jerry Game: Refriger Raiders
Tom Jerry game is a very funny one just like the real cartoons. You will have to choose your character between Tom and Jerry and play the Tom Jerry game accordingly. If you will choose to play this Tom Jerry game with Tom, you will have to stop Jerry and Pebbles before they empty the whole fridge. On the other hand, if you will play with Jerry, you will have to empty the fridge before Tom catches you. Tom Jerry game actually brings up to life a small part of the fight between Tom and Jerry in the cartoon. The fridge theme is very present in the cartoons and this makes Refriger Raiders such a fun game to play. All in all, Tom Jerry game comes with the fridge theme where both of these characters fight for the food supremacy and this fight is both fun and joy to watch and play.

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