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Pacman Purple

Pacman Purple

Game Name: Pacman Purple

Game Categories: Pac Man  Arcade Games  Adventure Games  Maze Game  Platform Games  Fun Games  Skill Games  
Pacman Purple - A Colorful Pacman
Pacman Purple tests how fast you can navigate a ghost-infested labyrinth? Pacman Purple transforms the original Pac Man concept into a whole new flash game that will have you thinking at super speeds. Pacman Purple is only available online, and it is free at Pukmo, so this is your chance to try something completely different. Navigate your new Pac-man through a maze filled with the typical Pac Man spheres and ghosts that move unpredictably. Watch out for blocks in Pacman Purple that will stop you from advancing! If going through a maze filled with ghosts that move randomly was not enough of a challenge, the maze is also advancing at a fast speed, and staying far behind can make you lose. After three losses, it is game over. Choose the path that will get you the most spheres, but also be wary of ghosts nearby who will change their direction just to chase you down! Pacman Purple is a new extreme way to play Pac Man, can you handle the speed?

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