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Pacman Ghost

Pacman Ghost

Game Name: Pacman Ghost

Game Categories: Pac Man  Arcade Games  Adventure Games  Maze Game  Platform Games  Fun Games  Skill Games  
Pacman Ghost ? A Pacman Ghost Story
Pacman Ghost is simple but very fun game. How good are you with a mouse? Do you think you have the coordination to avoid being caught by ghosts? Pacman Ghost will test your abilities at avoiding traps and getting as many coins as you can. In this Pacman Ghost game, your character flies around the screen, munching on coins, while avoiding being hit by ghosts that are randomly flying around the scene, just waiting to attack. With special power-ups you are able to increase the size of your character and to slow down movement in order to escape collision with a ghost or to get through a tight space. In order to master Pacman Ghost you must be quick and smart, know where to move and stay focused. If you think you can think straight in a game full of moving colors and shapes, you have still to master this game. Would you trust your abilities to get you all the coins in this game? Put yourself to the test with Pacman Ghost!

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