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Pacman 2

Pacman 2

Game Name: Pacman 2

Game Categories: Pac Man  Arcade Games  Maze Game  Skill Games  Platform Games  Adventure Games  
Pacman 2: A New Pacman World
Pacman 2 will take you to another Pacman world than the one you are used to. This is because Pacman 2 is a different game than the one where you see your character from far up and you have to control it through the maze. This time you will see Pacman from one side as it is a Mario type of game. The yellow pieces and the ghosts still remain in Pacman 2 game but the action is far more different than the first one. Pacman platform 2 is much different and more fun to play as you only have to jump the various obstacles. You will reach the end of the level relatively fast so you can not be bored by the game. All in all, Pacman 2 brings something new for the Pacman gamers and this is why it will become more and more popular among them.

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