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Hardest Game Ever 2

Hardest Game Ever 2

Game Name: Hardest Game Ever 2

Game Categories: Mini Games  Skill Games  Educational Games  Puzzle Games  Funny Games  
The World´s Hardest Game is back with Hardest Game Ever 2!
Hardest Game Ever 2 is here to make sure you feel more challenged than ever if you didn´t get enough from the Hardest Game Ever 1 Well, an improved version of its predecessor, this free flash game promises nerve-wrecking, brain-cracking games that will keep you glued to the screen until you finally make it past a level and can chant victory to the skies. There are 20 more levels in Hardest Game Ever 2, as opposed to the first version´s 30 levels. Even the number of levels is more challenging! Unlike World´s Hardest Game 1, this sequel is even more difficult from level one. However, you have probably played the first part and have all the tricks down. Graphics are the same, but the layouts are more gripping and the music is a million times better than the first game. Just like the first game, the Hardest Game Ever 2 will always be available on internet for free. If you already beat the first Hardest Game Ever, you must take a shot at Hardest Game Ever 2 and declare yourself king of the games! As a result Hardest Game Ever 2 is a free online game to play for kids in the category of Mini Games! Do you want to test your gaming skills in the free Skill Games? Then take a shot and play Hardest Game Ever 2 at Pukmo which provides the best free online flash games for girls and boys on the Internet.
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