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Achilles Game

Achilles Game

Game Name: Achilles Game

Game Categories: War Games  Fighting Games  Action Games  Bloody Games  
Achilles Game: Chop your enemies to bits with the great Achilles Game
Known for being a mighty warrior, Achilles has been praised in battle movies and games alike. Achilles Game is a free online flash game where you control Achilles the magnificent warrior and lead him through fields full of enemies, making him come out victorious. You can choose from a normal mode, which is easy to begin with, or the survival mode, which will force you to use your best battle skills while taking on waves of enemies at once. Part of the difficulty in this Achilles Game is coordinating Achilles moves with his attacks, as moving slows down your attacking. It is imperative in Achilles Game that you build an attack strategy to better defeat your opponents, especially if you are playing in survival mode! Remember: Achilles has a limited amount of health for every level. Watch his health bar at the top of the screen and make sure to carry your warrior through to the end of the battle! Crown yourself the greatest of Greek heroes with Achilles Game!
Game Tag: battle games  
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