New York Taxi License 3D

Game Name: New York Taxi License 3D

Game Categories: 3D Games  3D Racing Games  
New York Taxi License 3D: 3D car game at the wheel
New York City taxi cab on the 3D game allows you to be the taxi driver on the streets of New York City. First of all you need to be a taxi driver with a commercial driver's license so that you must first prove your ability.  New York Taxi License 3D consists of a total of 18 stages.  It stars with of course easy levels and the more levels you pass the harder the game gets. In other words New York Taxi License 3D game becomes more challenging in every new level. It is a new 3D flash game that car game lovers can spend a pleasant time. You need extreme caution while moving around the Manhattan New York streets. Passengers need cab since they all want to go to the desired addresses. A good New York Taxi License 3D player must deal with traffic signs on the roads, slippery surface, and human and vehicle traffic. It is impossible to dislike New York City Taxi 3D, If you like cars and taxi games you've played before. New York City is complex city; it has sometimes crazy traffic on icy roads during the winter months, it has traffic jams during bloody hot summer times. Under the sun you need to help transport the tourists and New Yorkers. You have to be good at the game, New York Taxi License 3D, to be a good 3D taxi driver and earn money.
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