Online Game Site 05-05-2011

The Internet is like a huge arcade: there are all kinds of games everywhere. But not all of the online game websites offer the same quality. Some will ask you for a monthly payment to access the best games online and others will have games that take ridiculously long to load and make your computer very slow. No wonder you might be sick of these websites! We would like to present Pukmo game site: Mahjong, Pacman, Mario and Best Free Online Games.

Why is it different? We care about the quality of the games we offer in our website. We give you only the best flash games online, carefully selected by our game-loving staff. Your age doesn’t matter – we have hand-picked the best free games for all ages, from kids to adults. The whole family can share the fun! Are you an adventure lover, do you love sports games or are you more of a puzzles type of person? Don’t worry! All of our flash games have been neatly organized into categories and sub-categories so you don’t have to dig through the archives to find what you’re looking for. Don’t forget about the search box, which features auto-completion so you can just type the first few letters and game suggestions will appear. If you still want a second opinion on what you should play, our free games feature a like / dislike function which lets you know what other people think of the games. There’s no getting lost at here!

This must be sounding pretty exciting by now! But maybe you’re wondering what exactly about it is so different from other internet game sites. The answer is customization! We want you to feel at home, so we have included unique features for you to create your own gaming experience. There is a function that lets you change title – Pukmo with your name. By clicking pencil button on the top left hand-side, you will reach the dropdown panel to enter your name. It is that easy! Connect with your Facebook account and add cool games to your favorites, then find them even faster the next time you log in. Want to tell us what you think about games? You can leave messages with your Facebook ID, and we will be happy to take note of what you have to say! It’s all about you and what you like.

Because we love online flash games experience and we want you to love it too, we have given it the best design we could create, unique and stylish like our games and their players. Even better, you can change the background color to fit your taste! Choose from 9 different fancy colors and change the background as often as you like. Once again we want Pukmo to be your own place! Visit us and try this fun, completely customized free online gaming experience. We’ll be waiting for you!