Xiao Xiao 1

Explore the adventurous side of stick games with Xiao Xiao 1
Xiao Xiao 1 is an online flash stick figure game that meets a first-person shooter game. If you have ever played other free stick games such as this you might think that there is not much that can be done with them or that movements could not be good enough for a shooter game. However, Xiao Xiao 1 has great movement and simple controls. You are playing through the eyes of your character that enters the enemys territory and is shot by various enemies, sometimes at once. To aim and shoot at enemies in Xiao Xiao 1, you must use your mouse. Beware of the number of bullets you use, though, because every round only has 6 shots. Once you are out of shots you must reload using the space bar. If you dont reload fast enough in Xiao Xiao 1, you will be defenseless against your enemies and your health could deteriorate until you die. Watch out for enemies at top of the buildings who will throw objects at you, which you can destroy by firing at them. Play in any of the modes that range from easy to hard. Live the new stick game experience with Xiao Xiao 1!
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