Uphill Vegas

Game Name: Uphill Vegas

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Uphill Vegas: Stunts and Elvis
Uphill Vegas is a stunt flash game with a lot of funny elements. First of all, the stunts you have to perform are pretty easy and the main funny element is that you will be an Elvis lookalike and you will be driving in a pink car. The purpose of the Uphill Vegas game is making as many points as you can while driving your car up and down the Vegas hills. Flipping in the air and executing stunts can be dangerous if you do not know how to do them right. This is because you might flip and lose a life if you do not land on your wheels. Uphill Vegas is a funny stunts game you can play online for free. The reason why Uphill Vegas is so different than the other stunt games is the specific of the game and the elements such as Elvis, pink cars and funny voices. The great thing is that you will have 7 lives to play with.

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