Uphill Rush 2

Game Name: Uphill Rush 2

Game Categories: Bike Games  Driving Games  Adventure Games  Platform Games  Arcade Games  More Arcade Games  
Uphill Rush 2: Riding the Rollercoaster with a Bike
Uphill Rush 2 is a very interesting game. It combines the excitement of riding a rollercoaster with the fun of riding a bike. You will be in charge of a biker riding a rollercoaster and performing tricks. The purpose of the Uphill Rush 2 game is getting to the end of the rollercoaster without getting off the bike. This is quite hard as you will need to adjust your speed and flips accordingly. Being a flash game, Uphill Rush 2 is not great when it comes to the graphic part of the game but the action is very fast so it really compensates. Also, the fact that it is free for everyone online at Pukmo is another positive side for the game. In conclusion, Uphill Rush 2 is a nice biking game with an interesting basic idea that differs from other biking games you can play via internet connection.

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