Sushi Game

Play and become a sushi chef with Sushi Game!
Do you think you have the skills to become a sushi chef in Sushi Game. With a free flash game that you can play online, you can achieve that dream! In this internet sushi game you must be quick and pay attention to each customer, as you will be serving many of them at a time! Each customer will ask you for a certain kind of sushi and once they are done with the sushi they will ask you for more. The catch in this game is keeping customers satisfied no matter what: once a customer gets angry, its game over for you! Sushi orders are much easier than they are in other sushi games and you will not need a menu. As opposed to other sushi games, you dont have to restock ingredients here, but there is no room for losing a customer! Will you be able to get all the orders out in time? Play Sushi Game and find out!

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