Sushi Bar Game

Make sushi at the Sushi Bar Game!
Are you able to make sushi very quickly? Free and delightful, Sushi Bar Game is an online sushi game that will test your ability to work with great speed and quality! In this Sushi Bar game, you are a sushi chef tending a sushi bar that has many customers. Make sure to check the ?help? section before beginning the game to see which combinations of ingredients will create the sushi you need. Your customers are very picky in Sushi Bar game; you must make the orders exactly as they ask, down to the color of the plate! You have one minute to serve as much sushi as you can to your customers. If you don?t serve the sushi they want on time, they will change their order, but you will lose points! The more sushi you make, the more practice you will have and the more points you will score. Become an expert at the Sushi bar with this great Sushi Bar Game!

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