Spongebob Game

Spongebob Game: Going to the Surface of the Water
Spongebob game hooked on you is not a classic of the Spongebob game series. In this game, you need to get to the surface of the water before your time runs out. This can be pretty hard especially because there are a lot of dangers in the water such as jellyfish or air bubbles that brake when you jump on them. Therefore, the action of this flash Spongebob game is pretty interesting and the game play brings a lot of fun in Sponge Bob hooked on you. There are several other online free games with Sponge Bob as their main character, but this Spongebob game might be one of the best. Jumping around the water all the way to the top is what makes Sponge Bob hooked on you so interesting and this will surely be one of its strong advantages to other games of its type.

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