Waka waka waka, it is Pac-Man!
Pac-Man is probably the most renowned video game in history and now it is available for you to play on your computer! Many years ago people would have to line up in an arcade to play this fantastic game, Pac-Man, but now you can play it online as a flash game and it is completely free! What makes Pac-Man so unique is its simplicity. The layout is straight-forward and the only controls needed are your arrows. Even though it looks simple, escaping from those ghosts is not the easiest task! You might spend hours trying to chase the colorful ghosts down, just like people have done for years. Since this game is on flash and is available online, the design is even better than the original, which makes it a lot more enjoyable. If you are a fan of the world-famous Pac-Man "waka waka waka" noises, do not worry! Those are still in the game for you to enjoy. Play Pac-Man flash and relive past memories or discover a game that has become a cult classic.
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