Mini Golf

Enjoy Mini Golf from Home
To enjoy Mini Golf, you don´t need to go out into a mini golf field. With Mini Golf you can play it right from your computer with an internet connection! Choose single player mode or double player mode to challenge a friend using the same computer and enjoy the 18 levels of Mini Golf that this flash game offers. Your greatest challenge is to get the golf ball through sand traps, small ponds and odd structures within the number of suggested hits (or "par") for each level. The less hits it takes you to get the golf ball in the hole of Mini Golf, the more points you earn! The more you play this free online flash game, Mini Golf, the more you will know the structure of each level and the easier it will be to get your scores on or under the par. Practice your aim and your score could be on the top scores worldwide! You don´t have to be a pro golfer to enjoy the fantastic Mini Golf game.

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