Mario Combat

Mario Combat, Thrilling and Fast!
Mario Combat is a game guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping. Join Mario in this fighting game where your mission is to jump through perilous gaps surrounded by burning lava to reach the ultimate challenge. In Mario Combat you will be faced with angry Koopa Troopas who want to throw you in the sea of lava and drain your health. Not only will you have to fight off your enemies with skill and watch your health, you will also have to climb walls, jump gaps and find your way to the top of the castle where you will face your final enemy. Bowser will do everything to beat you and bring fiery defeat. It is up to you to use all the moves of Mario Combat you know to defeat the king of the castle. It will not be easy and it might take a few tries, but the more you fight, the better you will get and the faster you will become the new king! Give Mario Combat a try, it is for sure that you will enjoy.
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