Gold Miner

Game Name: Gold Miner

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Gold Miner: Gold Rush on Time
Gold Miner is a very nice game in the scenery of online flash games. Besides the fact that you can play the game for free, there are a lot of reasons why you should try it. First of all, you will surely enjoy the fact that the Gold Miner game is simple and you only need to use the up and the down arrow for playing the game. You can mine rocks or gold and everything needs to be done on time. This is because during the time you have you need to complete your mission which means making the amount of money necessary for getting to the next level. Gold Miner is not very easy because it is hard to complete the levels. The amount of money you need to get is high in comparison to the price of the rocks you will mine. In conclusion, Gold Miner is not an easy game to finish but it is fun and joy to play.

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