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Games Spongebob Dark Abyss: Dodging jellyfish
Games of Spongebob present Dark Abyss which is placed at the bottom of the ocean and it is an original game. Rather than other games of Spongebob, this one is not about getting up to the surface of the water but about getting deeper and deeper into the ocean. The ocean is getting darker as you fall deeper and you will have to dodge jellyfish in your way down not like other games Spongebob. The greatness of this game lies into the idea of falling and the fact that you only need your mouse for playing it. This free internet entertainment is one of the best games with Spongebob hero, and it is made in flash and you should be able to play it for free online. As you get deeper into the ocean, you will encounter a lot of creatures that you need to dodge. All in all, games Spongebob are really funny games and this one can be called a falling game with a nice original touch from its creators.

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