Game Spongebob

Game Spongebob Dirty Bubble Busters: Evil Bubbles versus Spongebob
This game Spongebob action occurs in the water. This is no surprise for any of the games of Spongebob. However, the originality of this game comes from Sponge Bob?s enemies which are actually evil looking bubbles. In this game Spongebob, you need to take them out or avoid them in order to complete the levels. If you will get killed you will still have another chance with another Spongebob lookalike. The game Spongebob is pretty fun with all the evil looking bubbles and the graphics are great for a flash game. Besides this, you have the great option of playing the game online for free so this completes a great review for the game. Game Spongebob Dirty Bubble Busters is a little different than other free games from its category but the center piece remains the same in this game: Sponge Bob is the main character and he needs to get to the end of the puzzle.

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