Online Game Site 05-05-2011

The Internet is like a huge arcade: there are all kinds of games everywhere. But not all of the online game websites offer the same quality. Some will ask you for a monthly payment to access the best games online and others will have games that ta
Pacman Arcade Game 11-07-2011

Pacman Arcade Game is one of the best known arcade games in the entire world. Nowadays it is rare and difficult to find a Pacman Arcade Game machine, but the game itself is available in many forms and different versions. One of the most popular mo
My Best Friend is a Flash Game Online 20-07-2011

Flash games online are truly amazing. If we go back 20 years, we would not find anything as fast, reliable, easy to create and versatile as a flash game. Flash began as an application used to make websites look nicer and smoother-running than webs
Play Games Online without Downloading 31-07-2011

Despite the existence of torrent files and other easy to download file types, many people still prefer not to download anything from the Internet. One common reason is that they are protecting their computers and themselves from malicious software
The Return of Classic Games Online 21-09-2011

For the generation which was not born during the time of the Family Computer, Sega, Play Station: lucky you. You were born to games which are already in high definition, allows multiplayer (2 or more) and possibly shown in 3D as well. 20 years ago
Cooking Games 2012 09-12-2011

Cooking games 2012 will be popular among girls from all over the world. There are a lot of people who like cooking and many of them want a cooking lesson or recipe. These wonderful games will offer you a cooking idea or a cooking lesson for free a
Flash Games for People of All Ages 12-10-2011

We are all children at heart. No matter what our real age is, even if it seems like we’re old enough to be considered a child, we are still children - in the heart and in our belief at least. So why not become the example of a person who tak
Torcher Game 31-10-2011

To play Torcher Game, click HERE Torcher Game is one of the scariest games you can play online today. Basically, what you have to do is torture a person with all the means you have at your disposal. You will have chainsaws, paint, sparrows and
Who is Mario 06-12-2011

Who is Mario? Nintendo's Mario is the most famous and recognizable figure in the video game industry. His story begins back in the early 80s, when he first appeared in a Donkey Kong game where, even in his first apparition, his mission in the
Arcade Flash Games 14-12-2011

Many of the classic arcade games can now be played online; many programmers have adapted the classical games to run on flash.  This makes playing arcade games something easily accomplished from anyone’s computer.  No more need to g