Frantic Game

Join the ship battles in Frantic Game!
Frantic Game will thrill you and make you feel as if you were really controlling a space ship that is going into a battle with amazing sound effects and energy-pumping music. Set from an overhead view point, you have to control your ship and guide it as it shoots enemy ships in Frantic Game. At first the enemy ships will appear from the front, but then they will appear in any and every direction, and they will be firing simultaneously! Playing Frantic Game requires you to use your full focus and evasion techniques. Once your enemies are down you can collect the small bundles they will leave behind, which are later turned into money. As you make your way through levels you will fight bigger and stronger enemies at Frantic Game, but you will also be able to purchase more weapons and bonuses with the money you have collected. Why pay for games like this? Frantic Game is 100 % free and is always available online for you to play at Pukmo! Want to join the battle?
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