Effing Worm

Effing Worm: Run Away Here Comes The Big Effing Worm!
Big Effing Worm is a mix between an evolution style free online flash game, and a horror platformer.  The good news is that you have nothing to be scared of because you take on the role of the effing worm. To win the game you must keep evolving and add features to your effing worm that make it more powerful. As you take out more enemies this becomes possible. This Effing Worm game is very fun and has multiple ways to win since you can evolve into all different kinds of effing worms. As a result Effing Worm is a free online game to play for kids in the category of Target Shooting Games! Do you want to test your gaming skills in Skill Games? Then take a shot and play Effing Worm game at Pukmo which provides the best free online flash games for girls and boys on the Internet.
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