Diesel and Death

Game Name: Diesel and Death

Game Categories: Bike Games  Racing Games  Driving Games  Dirt Bike Games  
Diesel and Death: Cheating Death on a Motorbike
Diesel and Death is a driving flash game which can be a lot of fun for a gamer. You will have to win the race against Death. Of course, Death is just another opponent which will try to shoot you and stop you from winning the race against you. The main purpose of the Diesel and Death game is finishing the races on the first place. The game is packed with adrenaline and you will like the races between you and the other biker. The game is made in flash so the graphics are not high end but you can play it for free online so you should not set your expectation bar very high. Also, the fun and excitement of cheating the death on a motorbike is what makes Diesel and Death such a popular game. In conclusion, Diesel and Death is a great combination between speed and fun.

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