Counter Force

Game Name: Counter Force

Game Categories: Gun Games  Shooting Games  Skill Games  Target Shooting Games  Action Games  
Counter Force: Test your shooter skills
Counter Force is a first person shooter game that is very similar to many of the shooting games that are available for consoles. Counter Force is better because it is a flash game that is online for free! You do not need a console to play this awesome shooter game. Featuring different levels with the deserted industrial area look, Counter Force will test how accurately you can shoot at enemies that are running around. Movement is not the only difficult part of the game: your accuracy will also be put to test with distance. As you go on to another level, movement and distance will increase, and you will have to keep a steady aim in order to get them all! If you fail to reach the required percentage of accuracy for the level, you lose the game. Counter Force is about quick and well-placed shots, an element that makes you forget about other elements shooting games usually have, such as running around and hiding from other shooters. Do you have what it takes to take down the enemies with your shots? Play Counter Force and find out!

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