Commando 1

Game Name: Commando 1

Game Categories: Metal Slug  Arcade Games  War Games  Action Games  Bloody Games  Shooting Games  
Commando 1
Commando 1 is a free online game to play for kids in the category of Metal Slug Games! Do you want to test your gaming skills in War Games? Then take a shot and play Commando 1 game at Pukmo which provides the best free online flash games for girls and boys on the Internet.

Every flash game player admires shooting game. Guns are one of the main elements in online game entertainment. Moreover if the quality of story and graphics is more than average, kids and adults usually become fan of those kinds of games. Commando 1 is a one man army game that you have to battle against the troops only by yourself. You as a commando1 should know how to use your gun and weapons. An elite commando should aim his gun more accurate and he should be as fast as possible. Commando 1 game comprises stages with increasing difficulty that you have to pass one by one without losing your live! Jumping is as important as hiding behind the bricks or any kind of object that help hide. Knife is the first alternative to fight and after you kill enough enemies you are promoted to guns and rifles and more complicated automatic ones. Commando 1 games provide shooting and conquer fun in a battle zone of an arcade mode. Play Commando+1.

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